About us


PW POMEX  is a firm with over 30 years of tradition  in the field of ironwork and soldering. It produces well recognized, modern panel fence and also has great experience in designing and producing steel constructions ex. for building purposes such as banisters, rails, climbs for the handicapped, shelters, bars etc. We also produce road elements of  band  conveyors  for the mining industry. A  distinct area  of  the  firm’s  activity is the production of measuring strips for the measurement of liquid level in tanks.  They are legalized by the Measurement Office and have a permanent legalization stamp.


Design, production and montage of fence systems on the building site are based on our own products and design while every individual project is worked through by professional consultancy. POMEX fence systems  not only guarantee basic security functions but also coordinate with the architectural target of the object.


Come to POMEX with your need:

  • you can get the best offer for the entire object,
  • according to your wish we will carry out a design of your fence,
  • we will deliver the already designed and constructed system and assemble it on the building site,
  • after it is completed the whole construction has a security of a guarantee and post-guarantee service


  • no problems: design, preparation, production and montage on the building site is carried out as a complex job by our firm,
  • guarantee and post-guarantee service,
  • fence is harmonized with the characteristics of the object and its surrounding,
  • good value for money,
  • anti-corrosion protection through hot galvanizing and powder lacquering with any colour from the RAL palette which provides problem-free usage of our products,
  • durability for many years


Pomex is a four time winner of the FAIR PLAY BUSINESS award receiving suitable certificates in 2002, 2003 and 2005 whereas in 2004 received the particularly valuable: “Golden Certificate FAIR PLAY BUSINESS”.