Panel fence on the base of a welded mat. A PIANO system fence consists of closed section posts and pressure welded mats (spans). Mats are made of two horizontal bars – diameter 6 mm (for a PIANO66 type) or 8 mm (for a PIANO86 type). They clamp the vertical bars – diameter 6 mm in both cases. The width of the mats is 2510 mm. The posts can be ended with spot footing attached to the pedestal (foundation). The posts that are to be settled in the foundation are lengthened to minimum 600 mm. The panels are screwed to the posts with rust-proof screws and pressed down with a concealing strip. From the top the posts are ended with plastic or metal covers.


  • Private property
  • Storehouses and Warehouses
  • Military Areas
  • Airports
  • Car Parks
  • Industrial Plants
  • Hypermarkets
  • School objects


  • Comfort of Use
  • Reliability
  • Aesthetics
  • Safety