Ball catchers

For fencing school and sport objects systems FORTE and PIANO are exceptionally suitable. Unique stiffness of spans, resistance against ball impact strength, montage convenience – also on bigger heights predisposes these products for this kind of use. They can form the entire fence or be its component part. POMEX offers a hybrid system of the so called ball catchers. The fence in the lower part consists of FORTE or PIANO fence type and in the upper part of polypropylene net – the size of the mesh depends on the location and function of the fence. The stretched net is fastened to horizontal cross bars screwed between the posts. Posts uses in ball catchers are usually closed cold bent sections or tubes. Ball catchers can also be constructed of snail net, woven, coated with PCV of the appropriate wire thickness and mesh size. The net is stretched on a stiff steel construction which is permanently attached to the ground. For an anti-corrosion protection hot galvanizing and powder lacquering is used. POMEX ball catchers bring comfort and pleasure in running sports activities on school playing fields.


  • School Objects
  • Sports Fields
  • Stadiums
  • Tennis-Courts
  • Swimming Pools


  • Reliability
  • Aesthetics
  • Safety
  • Functionality