Special Orders

przeslo_skosneSlanting span

FORTE-SLANT system spans enable a gentle overcoming of the ground irregularity – without making downcasts. Maximum slant ±30˚.

zlaczkaCorner junction

Corner junctions are used in for producing cornerites of any angle (pic.) and enable branching of the fence without using a post. The picture shows plain FORTE mats (without 3 cm of vertical bars overmeasure – diameter 6 mm).

plytyConcrete stab

Prefabricated concrete elements replace the full foundation. They make an excellent completion of FORTE and PIANO type fences.

We offer concrete slabs – height 200 and 300 mm.

Bent mat and a bent postzagieta_mata

Bent post – 2 or 3 rows barbed wirezagiety_slupek

Y post – rows of barbed wireslupek_y